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The Winning Formula for Effective Data Access Controls

Traditional access controls have focused primarily on a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model for securing sensitive assets. Organizations needed to predefine all potential functions and assign each user a certain level of security privileges, granting or denying access to data based entirely on their role. This rigid, one-size-fits-all method quickly becomes unwieldy and error-prone with significant security risks when deployed at scale.

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Top 5 IT Investments for Federal Contractors in 2022

A new year is just around the corner, and defense undersecretary for research and engineering, Heidi Shyu, recently expanded the Pentagon’s list of technologies for prioritized development. The usual suspects are included, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity – but so are some unusual ones, like materials science and biotechnology.

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The Business Case for Edge Computing

The scenario: A massive cargo ship travels somewhere between the Panama Canal and Gibraltar. It’s late August and a new tropical storm just formed off the coast of Africa, headed straight up the middle of this heavily used shipping channel. 

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