Implement Modernized IT Solutions in Seven Critical Steps

IT has always been the great differentiator. With the right IT solutions, organizations can innovate,
deliver increased value, and facilitate meaningful transformation that helps you achieve your most
critical outcomes. 

Today, IT is truly under the microscope. Between exponential technology advances and the impact of
COVID-19 on workflows and business outcomes, organizations have been forced to reimagine and
modernize their IT systems and solutions. The goal, today: create environments that support our “new
normal,” including “sprawling” IT ecosystems — more platforms, more remote work, and more
emphasis on customer and employee experiences.

Establishing these environments isn’t always so straightforward. In a recent IDG survey,
41% of executive respondents say they’ve had to delay or abandon at least one IT modernization
initiative, most commonly because of competing priorities (46%) or a lack of a clear roadmap (45%).

It makes sense. During the pandemic, organizations have been forced to build the plane while flying it,
attempting to define and refine new systems and workflows while modernizing the tools and
technologies they rely on daily. It’s a balance. How do you keep moving forward, while,
simultaneously, identifying and troubleshooting modernization needs.

To overcome these potential pitfalls, organizations need to first build a framework for IT
modernization success—one marked by well-defined strategies, workflows, and KPIs to ensure you
aren’t just innovating but effectively and efficiently moving forward and achieving essential

Our unique seven-phase process ensures we design and deliver the right solution for
every client.

1. Client discovery and problem identification - Together, we’ll dig into your challenges, identifying custom IT solutions to overcome those hurdles and make the most of new opportunities.
2. Pre-Sale: whiteboard, market research and vendor liaising - Through targeted research, exploration, and ongoing concept iteration, we’ll get to know your needs and which technologies will best serve them.
3. Solution recommendations and troubleshooting - We’ll develop a customized technology solution for you and vet it thoroughly with you, iterate and optimize.
4. Contract and purchasing - We’ll engage our vendor network to source and procure the best hardware and software needed for your solution.
5. Integration, as needed - We can receive all of your new acquisitions and integrate them for you, so your solution is ready to be activated on day one.
6. Solution delivery and implementation, as needed - We offer whiteglove delivery of your solutions and can conduct any implementation and testing you may require.
7. Post-sale support - Our experts are here for ongoing support, so you are never left troubleshooting on your own.

With these foundational elements in place, your organization will be better positioned to not just
accelerate your IT modernization but ensure you have right tools and technologies in place to improve
workflow efficiencies, boost employee productivity, and create better customer experiences—and, with
that, carve a better path to success during this critical time. For more information, Download the PDF.

At Epoch Concepts, we design, source and integrate solutions to empower our customers. From storage to infrastructure, cybersecurity and cloud solutions, we architect fully customizable IT solutions and offer continual customer support. Above all, we put the security of our customers first and work to create an impenetrable supply chain they can trust. In a cybersecurity landscape full of risk, Epoch Concepts is here to give you peace of mind and help you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.